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Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven, Number Three
"Hay Ole... yust vat the HECK is dat song "Bennie an' da Jets" about? Vat da heck is he singin' about!?"
"Umm, I dunno. All I know is I like singin' real high along wit' Eltin Yon at da end.... BENNIE! Bennie! Bennie so an an' so forth an da JETS!!!!"
"I know, Ole. An' I sing along tu covers up your bad singin'! But yu don't know!?"
"Noope. It's one of dose songs dat everyone likes an day haff no clues vat da heck anyvun is singin about except for Bennie an da Jets."
Aarie: "I know! It's a song that mocks the pop music scene of the early Nineteen-Seventies and 'Bennie' and 'Jets' are disguised drug references!
Sven: Umm... okies, if yu say so.  *chrr* Yu sure you didn't take any Bennie or Jets before yu came up mit dat?"
Aarie: N'yo, you goof! I was wondering myself and researched it!"
Ole: *chrr* Tanks for da answer... but I tink dat da answer is more confusin' den da song itself, Miss Aarie... (sings real high loud and very out of tune) BENNIE! BENNIE... BENNIE an' da JETS!"...
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 0 0
Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven, Number Two
"Hey, Ole, vat is Miss Aarie's favrit Boat!?"
"*chrr* Oh, dat's easy Sven... a CATamaran!"
Aarie: *facepalm*.... "Nyah! I 'otter' smack the two of you for that horrible pun!"
Ole and Sven: * MASSIVEchrr* ( both fall on floor laughing)
Juni: "No more puns! The next one could prove to be a CATastrophe!"
Aya: *Ba-doomp-tsss*
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 0 6
Juni drove the Jeep with caution through the wooded and hilly mountain road. She looked over at the little gray cat in the passenger seat with apprehension.
"Senpai, this old road is dangerous! It's not worth driving through here for some burned up space rock!"
Doctor Aarie looked back with a reassuring and encouraging glance, making an emphatic motion with her index finger.
"Nonsense, Juni! Don't be so nervous! According to the ancient map at the University Library, we're almost though this old trail road and we'll be near the site where the witnesses think the meteor impacted! Just think of all of the potential scientific knowledge we might gain from it! You're driving just fine, I'll keep my eyes out for any potential obstacles, okay?"
Juni hunched over the wheel, pedaling and steering the Jeep with care as it broke through some old growth covering the trail. Her eyes widened in surprise as she saw the flat area ahead of them. Aarie smiled and nodded with confidence.
"Exactly as the
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 3 14
Words of Wisdom from Ole and Sven, Number One
"Yu must be very careful 'bout eating tu many cinnamin Rolls for breakfast!"
"Definitely, Sven. It's a gateway spice that can lead tu tings like nutmeg! Down da path tu ruins!"
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 1 6
Aarie ran towards the URL Swim'n Go convenience store with Aya and Vikki in tow as they tried to catch up. Aarie was hungry, definitely hungry!
"Hey-hey! Slow down! You're supposed to be resting!"
"I know, but I forgot to eat, and I'm starved! I want something ny'ow!!!!" she yelled as she barged through the door and waved at Raj Ginesh, the modest and friendly proprietor of Swim'n Go.
"N'yello, Raj! Off to the Deli I go!"
Raj waved his neo-elephant trunk in greeting as he restocked some snacks on a shelf.
"Good afternoon, Doctor Aarie! The lunch crowd's already hit hard, I'm uncertain what remains in stock...."
Aarie got up on her toes and started looking at the upper shelf of the refrigerated deli and sub area, her tail waving in anticipation.
"Hmm... umm... grapes, pineapple chunks... n'yope, where are the Tuna Salad Torpedoes!? NYAH!"
Aarie kept peering as Vikki and Aya arrived and watched Aarie panic as Raj sighed and greeted  her two friends.
Aarie kept peering at the shelves
:iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 2 13
1930 Ford Drag Coupe by Aya-Wavedancer 1930 Ford Drag Coupe :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 18 3 USA-1 Corvette Funny Car by Aya-Wavedancer USA-1 Corvette Funny Car :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 13 1 1967 Opel Kadett by Aya-Wavedancer 1967 Opel Kadett :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 19 3 1969 Pontiac GTO 'The Judge' by Aya-Wavedancer 1969 Pontiac GTO 'The Judge' :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 25 1 1970 AMC Mark Donohue Javelin SST by Aya-Wavedancer 1970 AMC Mark Donohue Javelin SST :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 21 5 1970 Plymouth Road Runner by Aya-Wavedancer 1970 Plymouth Road Runner :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 17 9 Jaguar SS100 by Aya-Wavedancer Jaguar SS100 :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 16 1 Packard-Darrin Hood Ornament by Aya-Wavedancer Packard-Darrin Hood Ornament :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 7 4 1940 Packard 806 Custom Super Eight, Darrin by Aya-Wavedancer 1940 Packard 806 Custom Super Eight, Darrin :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 13 3 1931 Marmon Sixteen Convertible Coupe, LeBaron by Aya-Wavedancer 1931 Marmon Sixteen Convertible Coupe, LeBaron :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 19 1 1932 MG Magna Stiles Special Threesome by Aya-Wavedancer 1932 MG Magna Stiles Special Threesome :iconaya-wavedancer:Aya-Wavedancer 21 2

Random from Storyline characters

Junitea and me by Naomi-chann Junitea and me :iconnaomi-chann:Naomi-chann 4 10
Charon's Lessons
All I could say was that it took a month to finally work up the courage to revisit the pool again and to visit a sports store for my first pair of swimming briefs that the otters wore when I was unceremoniously invited into the water world they were so accustomed to.  With a stutter in my speech, I walked slowly to my mom who was at that time fixing dinner.  "M-mom?" was my first words out of my mouth.
"Yes hon," she replied, never missing a beat or in this case, a chop, mixing up her latest creation of the meat she was fixing.
"Well, hm, do you remember when you said that when I was ready, I could ask you to, um, go to get a swimming suit for when I wanted to swim again and not pushed in?"
This is when she stopped her culinary art of the steak she was preparing.  A slight shudder came from her shoulders as she turned around, the slight worry from before while in the car came to her features again.  "Yes, I do remember.  I guess you fin
:iconcharonbond:charonbond 3 0
Anything for a Friend Ch. 6
Back in the URL arcology...
Aarie had been enjoying a brief afternoon catnap, as she always did in the late afternoon, dreaming of the yummy specimens that she's tempted by everyday, when the ringing of her cell phone jolted her out of sleep,
"N'yeah!!" she screamed, as she often did when she was jolted out of her afternoon cat naps, it was the part of her feline physiology that she hadn't quite managed to concur, "Who'd be calling me n'yow? Don't people know I need my beauty sleep?" as Aarie stumbled groggily to her feet and picked up her cell phone, the caller ID identifying the caller to be Juni from her home line.
"Doesn't she ever nap? Coffee and Red Bull must be her best friends," as she pressed the answer button on her phone's touch screen, "N'yello?"
"Hi Aarie, I'm sorry if I woke you, but it's kinda important." Juni said slowly, "I need you to come over to my place, can you get some time away?"
"Uhhhmmm, Juni, you know it's not my day off right, and this is certainly short not
:iconjunitea:Junitea 2 34
Charon's Youth
A youth's life is one of one of discovery.  Everything around the youth is something new to discover, to put in one's mouth and taste.  To pick up and touch, to feel the different textures; whether it be rough, smooth, or silky.  To watch and see what others are doing, wanting to experience what they are all experiencing.  Emotions begin to form of seeing other's laughter and enjoyment of an activity.  In my case, I jumped in with both feet with a slight push from behind.
Did I mention that was fully clothed at the time with no inkling that felines were supposed to be afraid of the thing called water?  It's something ingrained into the psyche of a cat, even neo ones, that water is supposed to be a dangerous thing and only once in a while supposed to be something to be tolerated, even in the briefest of times.  That means having a mother that forced me to be in a bath or shower every day.  Something that is
:iconcharonbond:charonbond 2 4
COM - Sneaky Applicant by shoxxe COM - Sneaky Applicant :iconshoxxe:shoxxe 55 36
Charon's story at the URL
While I never really liked the water when I was a young cub, it grew on me or well, I was thrown in the deep end literally.  That's what I get when most of your friend's were otters.  I was even scared in taking a bath and well, showers were a bit better at least you can't drown in a centimeter of water.  I just don't know how I became so terrified of water to not getting enough of the wet stuff.   
When I began my journey into the Navy, I was on the swim team, made up of mostly of other Neos and even then it was mostly the aquatic kind; otters with the occasional seal.  I could never dream of matching their total enthusiasm of the water and their speed.  I was just the neo that could swim better than most humans.  If they allowed me to use fins during our practices, I could catch up to the slower otters but that was only at the end.  Had to admit that the females were very pretty to look at in their f
:iconcharonbond:charonbond 2 8
Character Bio: Trevor
Full name: Trevor Edward Swanson
Sex: Male
Age: Physically known to be 26 years of age, although spiritually he is much older
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Race: Human / Neo Black Dragon hybrid
Height: Human form: 6'4", dragon hybrid form: 6'5", full dragon form: 45' tall, 74' feet long from nose tip to tail tip
Weight: Human form: 255lbs, dragon hybrid form: 275lbs, full dragon form: 9,750lbs
Spoken Languages: English, French, Gaelic, Latin, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Mandarin, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Russian, Mongolian, German, Spanish, Drow, Draconic
Birthdate: February 27th 1984
Birthplace: Genecorp Labs Secret Military Compound, location undisclosed.
Physical Appearance: In human form, he has short red spikey hair with tribal designs shaved into the side and back of his hair, and silvery-blue eyes. He is a caucasian male, usually well dressed in a black silk dress shirt, dark blue jeans or black slacks, and Lugz tan leather boots or black italian leather dress shoes. In dragon hybrid
:iconjunitea:Junitea 2 9
Character Bio: Anne-Marie
Full Name: Annabelle Maria Elizabeth Thibodeau
Nicknames: Anne-Marie, Le Femme Fatale, Sweety pie
Birthplace: Genecorps Labs Seattle Washington
Birthdate: January 19th, 1984
Age: 27
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 175lbs
Spoken Languages: French, English
Written Languages: French, English
Race: Neo chocolate point siamese cat (clone, special order)
Eye Colour: Blue
Fur Colour: Chocolate Brown with lighter patches on her muzzle, neck, chest, upper back, and lower hind quarters, dark brown paw marking on her left butt-cheek, dark brown ears and tail
Hair Colour: Dark Red (dyed)
Sexuality: Bisexual, prefers females over males
Measurements: 32D 25W 32H
Body Type: Busty
Drivers License: Yes
Current Vehicle: 1998 Nissan Pathfinder with All Wheel drive
Currently Employed as: Waitress at Dot's 24 Hour Diner, just a few blocks east from the URL compound, works there full time and is greatful to the owner Dot for being given the oppurtunity. Dot, of course, being a successful neo-dalmation canine business
:iconjunitea:Junitea 2 18
Thanks - 200k by shoxxe Thanks - 200k :iconshoxxe:shoxxe 61 61 Aarie - Sonic Style by shoxxe Aarie - Sonic Style :iconshoxxe:shoxxe 11 2 The First Day of Fishmas... by DaStigy The First Day of Fishmas... :icondastigy:DaStigy 16 28 ''Mouse - Portrait'' colored by Vicalsa ''Mouse - Portrait'' colored :iconvicalsa:Vicalsa 8 4
Junitea's Bio
Full name: Junitea Moonbeam Ayanami
How to pronounce her first name: Joo-nuh-tay-ya
Nicknames: Ju-Ju bean, Juni, Kitten, Moonkitty, Jooni-Mooni
Other names she's been known as: Junie-Neko
Birthplace: Genecorp labs, Seattle Washington
Birthdate: June 18th, 1985
Age: 25
Character Creation Date: June 18th, 2004
Character Creator: Trevor Swanson, aka speedboiae86 on Deviantart
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 130 lbs
Eye Colour: Green
Fur Colour: Orange with white markings on face, chest, eartips, tail tip, and belly, slightly darker orange "tiger stripe" like markings on her entire body
Hair Colour: Orange
Favourite Colours: Green, Orange, Red
Sexuality: Gay/Lesbian
Currently in a relationship with Anne-Marie Thibodeau (irl married/ic dating)
Measurements: 30C 24W 27H
Driver's License: Yes
Current Vehicle: 2009 Toyota Celica Tsunami Edition, painted a metallic dark green in colour
Modifications to vehicle: Dual Exhaust system installed, Nitrous Oxide system installed, Top speed limiter removed, engi
:iconjunitea:Junitea 7 35
Oil Platform Re-Use In Italy by Marcynuk Oil Platform Re-Use In Italy :iconmarcynuk:Marcynuk 17 3 Swimming Practice 2 by UWfan-Tomson
Mature content
Swimming Practice 2 :iconuwfan-tomson:UWfan-Tomson 15 16
Pics of indivduals involved in my stories, mainly myself, my land-dwelling self, Vikki, Juni, and Aarie!

Random Favourites

1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible by Brooklyn47 1955 Chevrolet Bel-Air Convertible :iconbrooklyn47:Brooklyn47 16 0 Austin Healey frog eye by Pippa-pppx Austin Healey frog eye :iconpippa-pppx:Pippa-pppx 18 13 Mafia convention by Pippa-pppx Mafia convention :iconpippa-pppx:Pippa-pppx 33 5 1960 Chrysler 300F_0048 9-19-10 by eyepilot13 1960 Chrysler 300F_0048 9-19-10 :iconeyepilot13:eyepilot13 53 28 How To Clear Your Mask by jbwarner86 How To Clear Your Mask :iconjbwarner86:jbwarner86 41 20 Fathom: Aspen's Splash WS V1 by iRawr4Lara Fathom: Aspen's Splash WS V1 :iconirawr4lara:iRawr4Lara 16 12 Simple sketching by mixnuts Simple sketching :iconmixnuts:mixnuts 27 7 Spy girl MEG 24 by mixnuts
Mature content
Spy girl MEG 24 :iconmixnuts:mixnuts 19 7
Lara Wetsuit Colour WIP by littlesusie2006 Lara Wetsuit Colour WIP :iconlittlesusie2006:littlesusie2006 20 5 Lynette in her Wetsuit by restif Lynette in her Wetsuit :iconrestif:restif 51 13 Tomb Raider Lara Croft Movie Wetsuit by milla-s Tomb Raider Lara Croft Movie Wetsuit :iconmilla-s:milla-s 246 53 Clover Wetsuit by DrewGardner
Mature content
Clover Wetsuit :icondrewgardner:DrewGardner 1,978 88
Ferrari Dino 206 GT by granturismomh Ferrari Dino 206 GT :icongranturismomh:granturismomh 7 0 A legendary F1 car by GauthierN A legendary F1 car :icongauthiern:GauthierN 54 12 Blowout! by The-Transport-Guild Blowout! :iconthe-transport-guild:The-Transport-Guild 26 2 1920 Isotta Fraschini 8 by GladiatorRomanus 1920 Isotta Fraschini 8 :icongladiatorromanus:GladiatorRomanus 15 0
Various pics and stories having to do with my interests, including Drum and Bugle Corps! :)


Let me start with this comment. Most vehiclular art I see here of a more traditional nature comes from people who are developing techni...

Getting a critique is difficult on DA, so I thought I should do one for you. It's deserved, and really the daily deviation people are i...

Well-- no one seemed to want to take a stab at this pic, so I will! I find this fascinating! It's similar to some of the low-end dirt t...

by gridart

For a yank familiar with oval dirt and tarmac oval racing from 1/8 mile midgets powered by chainsaw motors at a track near the house I ...


No one's business
United States
Current Residence: Under da Sea
Print preference: Large Print because of my bifocals
Favourite genre of music: Third Stream Jazz
Favourite photographer: My Dad and Sister
Favourite style of art: Art Deco/Cubism
Operating System: Something that works and doesn't blow up
MP3 player of choice: Whazzat?
Shell of choice: A Conch Shell Trumpet!
Wallpaper of choice: A nice sea-scene on the walls.
Skin of choice: Blue!
Favourite cartoon character: El Kabong
Personal Quote: "Ahhhh, Mister Morden..."

After a rather drug out and rotten forced Sunday at work... this really lifted my heart and brought a smile to my face, I hope this will do the same for all of you. What a nice arrangement and performance. :D
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